July 8, 2020


Facts and Statistics from HSE

Driving Statistics

Approximately 2000 workers are seriously injured and on average 5 lose their lives across all industries every year as a result of falling from a vehicle. The construction industry accounts for around 10% of these.

For all other industries, approximately three-quarters of those injured are delivery drivers. However, in construction 70% of all falls from vehicle injuries occur to non-drivers i.e. those who are involved in unloading delivery vehicles.

Drug and Alcohol Statistics

CIPD survey shows alcohol misuse to be a significant cause of lost productivity
In a survey of 500 organisations by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 40% of employers questioned said alcohol misuse was a significant cause of employee absence and lost productivity. Almost a third of those surveyed had dismissed employees in the past two years because of alcohol problems. The author of the report, Ben Willmott, said employers should be doing more to help their workers fight alcohol and drug problems.

Supporting employees with drug and alcohol problems has a high success rate, with many individuals returning to work. But organisations must make employees aware of the policies and support in place otherwise they will not have the confidence to hold their hand up and acknowledge they have a problem and need help.

Since 2001 the number of organisations with drug and alcohol policies has remained around the same (58%) and where organisations do have policies they are doing very little to actively promote them. Simply adding a policy to a rarely used staff handbook is unlikely to ensure the issue is seen as an ongoing priority. Organisations should engage with their employees to ensure that they are fully aware of its provisions. This can be done via staff briefings, poster or publicity campaigns at work, internal notice boards newsletters and email alerts.